The most modern and stylish terrace covering solution for your commercial or residential areas. Automated, or motorized pergolas are low maintenance, durable and are a surefire way to enhance your outdoor space experience in any weather conditions. Our pergolas are made-to-order to individual specifications and can therefore vary in size to suit any homeowner’s or business needs. We offer both pergola with a retractable canvas roofing and Pergola with adjustable blade covering that can be opened completely or adjusted according to sunlight again to withstand any weather conditions.



The basic pergola system that can be used up to 7m projection with HDD Led Light and remote control.


The system to cover projections up to 10m with HDD Led Light and remotely controlled.


RADIAN is the curved version for the pergola with two available options LT ( up to 7m projection) and XL (up to 11m projection).


FREE-STANDING pergola which needs not a wall or a construction to rely on. The system is develped on its free columns and can be mounted in any area of your belonging, creating a new and independent living-space.


MN3 gives you ability to cover areas up to 5m without the vertical front columns replacing them with inox-hangs. The system is available with straight and curved options.


TW22 is the double way free-standing pergola which operates in either direction and when the pergola is opened, the system collects the canvas in the middle.


AXIS modern bioclimatic outdoor covering system of aluminium. This systems offers only the tilting of the roof panels allowing ligth and air transmission when needed.


AEROLUX, Innovative, modern and functional outdoor bioclimatic aluminum patio solution, both tilting and retractable.


VERANDA is the fix version of pergola. The most economic way of covering your area. Many options exist for covering like glass, polycarbonate-sheet or even wood-panels etc.

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