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NOVO retractable pergola system provides the user with a designer outdoor covering to allow outdoor areas to be used all year round in any weather. The system offers a wind rating up to Beaufort class 11 (up to 117km/h) and is designed to stand up to even the worst of conditions rain, hail or shine.
The system is manufactured to size using high grade 6063 extruded aluminium profiles finished with thermosetting powder coating which provides superior overall performance for exterior product applications. All bolts, screws and pins are high grade stainless steel to ensure extended system life.
NOVO rafter profiles (80mm x 125mm) have been designed with unique water guard side channels and cast aluminium end plates to allow for projections up to 7m per system. Widths are customised according to site requirements and available in any size up to 13m. NOVO system offers up to 91sqm of protection at the touch of a button but when required linking multiple systems is also possible and made easy by our patented storm channel joining system that ensures 100% waterproof join everytime. NOVO system also includes an integrated gutter system with internal drainage to carry away even the heaviest rain.
Remote controlled motorisation is provided by utilising European technology through a custom built direct drive motor system to ensure smooth and quick operation at 26RPM. The optional hi powered LED-TEC lighting system provides a practical touch of class and when coupled with a remote dimming controller allows the user to change the mood to suit the surrounding environment.
The heart of the system is driven by multiple eight wheel slider carriages (each F3 slider carriage has a load limit of 600kgs) that incorporates a triple layer barrier system and works in conjunction with a timing belt that has been reinforced with multiple internal stainless steel cables to provide a pulling strength of over 966kg. It’s this tension that is applied to the fabric membrane to allow an angle of 6 degrees fall possible and ensure all water drains away in the internal gutter system.
The fire rated and 100% waterproof architectural membrane is available in a range of colors in both opaque and transparent that provides maximum stability and resistance to temperature, moisture and dirt. It does not shrink or bag, and the acrylic top coating makes it very easy to clean for years to come. When not in use the fabric is neatly retracted under the systems hood to provide protection from the elements when not required.
To ensure the highest level of protection Stormguard soft touch edge seal on all parameters. Stormguard
provides the ultimate protection against rain and draught intrusion around the outside of the system and is only available on our systems. Stormguards soft touch edge seal is produced from an extra soft & flexible rubber to ensure the best possible protection from the elements.

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