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A new generation railing system with vertical moving glass panels controlled remotely and easily. The system parts are mostly composed of aluminium parts which makes it robust against bad weather conditions. The panels are attached to remotely controlled Somfy motor with special-designedd chained mechanism set and can be moved up or down. Millenium system can be used for projects developed in commercial and residential areas.


System Details

privacy via

remote control

Create your own privacy with full transparency; all at once with remote control. You can isolate your living space with a single touch by transforming from railing to a fully closed system.


wind&water blocking

When closed the brush seals between the glass profiles together with the balloon EPDM set of 3 pcs in the upper box which meets the hand-rail profile, totally blocks the wind and water disturbing the inside area.


modular parts

The modular side-rails makes it possible of intervention to the glasses without disassembeling the existing system.


Unique Technology

The glass panels are driven by the chain mechanism attached to them which is run by the somfy motors. All the machinery technology is hidden in the upper box that protects this system and isolated by hot melt insulation bands providing 30-35dB noise reduction when running.


locking mechanism

The glass is catched from all sides with aluminium profiles which then are connected to the system by highly secure chain mechanism set which gives them ability to run up and down smoothly.


all aluminium

The system all is composed of aluminium profiles of high quality to meet the international qualityy standarts.

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