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Sliding Deluxe Glass System will offer transparency to your living space while offering both protection against bad weather conditions and filling light inside. The glass width is 10mm and securit; the locking mechanism is from 3 points; the glasses catches each other with aluminium thin profiles which is again strenghthened with seals to protect air flow in. The systema can be designed with 5,4 and 10 glasses. The maximum height is 3m while one pannel of glass can be up to 1m.

The profile color is optional so that you can choose any from RAL numbers. We are really excited to develop projects for you the most selling product of our company

System Details


The system is mainly composed of high quality aluminium with T6 6063 alloy which makes it anti-cohesion and resistant to hard weather conditions.



You get transparency through glasses and fill your living space with light.


stainless steel rail

The stainless steel rail caps lowers the stress on the bottom aluminum rail profile, giving structural stability to the whole system and enabling soft movement of the wheels on them.


transparent corner

You can meet the two systems on the corner with the corner profiles. When two sides re open, the corner will be empty leaving maximum transparency in your living space.

Deluxe Sliding - Corner Detail.jpg


To ensure full protection against hard weather conditions and acheive maximum sound isolation, the profile connections are all equipped with seals or epdm-gaskets that block wind and rain.


locking mechanism

The 3-point locking mechanism with a ROTO handle makes the locking unique in this system.



The adjustable wheels ensure smooth moving of the glass panels over the stainless rails. A wheel can effort up to 150kg, making it possible to use a 1m X 3m of a glass panel.

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