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Tempo glass door systems are the most modern way a door can be designed. Our product range gives the architects and designers a wide variety of creative options for expression with tempered glass - either internally or externally. The doors can either be designed with simple or hydraulic hinges.

When hinges are preferred as solution, they can be mounted either directly on wall or on aluminium profile specially designed for them. In this case all accessories are made up from aluminium with high standart Colcom/Italy finishes.


In its simplest way the glass door is mounted directly on wall or on aluminium-profile with simple hinges specially designed for glass doors. The door is completed with glass door lock. These doors are suitable for offices as well as residential and commercial spaces.


Hydraulic Doors

Enter in our world of Hydraulic Doors to explore a high technology of hydraulic system applied to door closer hinges that ensures a constant and controlled door closing with adjustable speed; evolution to the traditional automatic hinges and door closers.


Sliding Glass Door

This system offers you to have your glass door sliding inside the top guiding profile.

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