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The use of aluminium profiles and accessories issued a new era in architectural design in general and for railing design in particular. Offering modular aluminium railing solutions makes life easier,  brings competitive price and results in easy maintenance.

Our railing solutions mainly grouped under three catagories round-line, square-line and glass pannel systems. in your living-space will last for many years while its appearance will never go out-of-style.

Elegance System

Gain an extraordinary radiance by filling the atmosphere with maximum-light with our  frameless glass systems. Our On-Floor and In-Floor systems meet the high architecture standarts. Unlike wood or stainless steel these systems won't detoriate, do not require treating, varnishing or special maintanance each year


Spider System

Yet another system that comes with adjustable adapters; for indoors and outdoors; offers you endless and gives you the possibility to fill your space with maximum light.


Round-Line Serie

When your living-space needs railings based on round shapes, our Round-Line Serie provides unlimited design possibilities. From the transparency and efficiency of glass railings to the endless lines of rod-infills; this serie offers is what exactly you need.


Square-Line Serie

Pre-engineered, pre-finished, easy-to-install compnents made of aluminum as you used to, but the new look is edgy and square, with sharp corners and sharp lines. Witness the new trend with Square-Line Serie, an entirely new look in your living space.


Plexi Models

If you want to put some luxury to your space you should try one of our plexi models.

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